The sessions Sharon and I had were nothing short of incredible. Not only was I able to re-live past lives and retain an understanding of those memories, but an amazing amount of healing took place that left me content with a quiet mind. I feel as though she helped me to truly understand who I am and to overcome my weaknesses. For up to three months after my session, I continued to feel the effects of the healing and a renewed feeling of strength. Honestly, I now feel an intense spiritual, emotional and physical happiness I had not previously felt in this lifetime. I also feel more aware, cleansed and tuned in to my higher self and spirit guides. I would encourage anyone to try this experience of a lifetime that can only be described as truly magical.
Kayla S.
San Diego, CA – 2011  – Alternative Health Practitioner
My mother and I had always had a strained relationship and then she died without our ever getting resolution. After her death, I began having health issues. Sharon suspected it could be connected with my mom and suggested a QHHT session. During the session, my mother came forward, visited me and expressed her remorse as she never realized her efforts at helping me were actually hurting me. My new health problem was a result of my mother trying to get my attention. Our interaction enabled us to resolve our differences so she could move on in peace. Later in the week, my deceased father visited me in a dream and I was able to get resolution there also. One session helped me to resolve issues with both deceased parents that had long been interfering in my relationships. I am grateful for this opportunity I had never dreamed would be possible.
Dee S.
Austin, TX – 2011  – University Professor
During a chance meeting with Sharon, I took a chance and got a reading with her. When I was a teenager back in the early 60’s, my parents had me give up a child for adoption. I had looked for years and had never been able to locate the child. When Sharon read for me (without me saying a word), she immediately picked up on this and advised me my son was looking for me and that if I checked some of the online sites where children could advertise for birth parents, I would find him. She assured me, I would find him and I would be well received. I followed her advise and two weeks later, I was re-united with my long lost son who had indeed been looking for me. He is happily married with children and all have fully embraced me and my other children so my family is now together after 30+ years apart. I can never thank her enough for this gift. I had given up hope. 
Carol R.
Dallas, TX – 2012  – Teacher
 I was referred to Sharon for a QHHT session and was hoping to get rid of anger I had been carrying around for years. I had expected a lot from the session, but the experience was far greater than anything I could have imagined.
Dee M.
Beaumont, TX – 2012  – Physician’s Assistant
When first meeting Sharon, I was entrenched in a relationship going nowhere. After my first reading, I was a fan – totally in awe at her level of accuracy and understanding of my life. A few months later, I decided to get a QHHT hypnosis session to work on my confidence level so I could pass an upcoming test. I never did take the test but, I did go through major changes. I got out of a bad relationship, stopped being a doormat in all of my relationships, improved my financial situation and, most of all, I found a soulmate and am building a happy loving relationship. In my second regression, I went to a lifetime where I was very happy and in love. Two days later, I went on a popular dating site and immediately connected with someone that I believe was the same man I had been so happy with in the past lifetime. My life is now full in a way, I never dreamed possible – all because I took a chance on doing this session
Marcia R.
Sugarland, TX – 2010  – Registered Nurse
I had been a regular client of Sharon’s for a couple of years and was struggling with a relationship that I knew was not good for me. After a QHHT session with Sharon where I was able to connect in a past life with the soulmate she had been predicting I was to meet, I was able to release the bad one, and meet and embrace the one I was to be happy with. The session made it possible for me to make the choice that was right for me and find happiness. 
Mark A.
TX City, TX – 2011  – Plant Manager
After a few years of successfully seeking Sharon’s intuitive guidance, she suggested that I get a regression to help remove the blocks to my success. In 13 years of employment with the same company, I had not had a raise or a promotion in eight years. During the eight months after my session, I had received three raises and a promotion. Needless to say, my session was a SUCCESS!
C Sanchez
Houston, TX – 2010  – Business Professional
My QHHT session with Sharon has to be one of the most life changing and awesome experiences I have ever had. I am trained in hypnosis myself but had never experienced anything so profound in my life. It was an eyeopener for me and reminded me of the great work I am here to complete. I am very greatful for this lifechanging experience.
R. Devon,
Houston, TX – 2010  – Life Coach