About Sharon Michelle

Growing up in Post World War II, Sharon’s natural intuitive abilities were allowed to develop freely. She grew up very religious with a very strong faith in God. Little thought was given to the paranormal perhaps because she didn’t realize that much of what she was experiencing was a bit ahead of the times. It wasn’t until she reached the age of 20 that she realized everyone didn’t have the range of intuitive experiences she considered a logical part of daily life.
In 1971, after a near death experience, she suddenly found that the door to her intuitive abilities had been suddenly blown wide open. No longer was the veil torn, it was gone. Everywhere she turned, she was bombarded with the details of other people’s lives, other people’s pain, other people’s emotions. Unable to stop the waves of information, she searched the library for answers, but there was very little available in those early days of psychic research.
But as the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” She soon began attracting various different spiritual guides. Some were incarnate in the earthly plane and some were on the spiritual level. Through them, she learned to meditate. She learned to accept and not fear the gifts that were being showered on her and learned how to share them with others. She learned to conquer the fear and to accept the flow of life and information being drawn to her.

In 1977, she received a prophesy about personal computers, the internet as a publishing medium and that was to be her future. She listened and now is following the guidance that was first given to her over 35 years ago. Now is the time to begin the sharing of the advice from spirit through private readings, classes, meditations, past life and quantum healing hypnosis sessions, writings, and recommended products, books, and services through the internet.

Today, she has dedicated her life’s work to keeping that promise made many years ago “to help others for the rest of her life.” After years of new age and psychic fairs, article writing, seminars, etc., she is fulfilling the destiny given to her in the early 1970’s of continuing her work through the global medium of the world wide web. While she hs no desire to be anyone’s “Guru,” it has been given to her that she is to share her insights and spiritual knowledge with those who seek her out.

A few years back, her guides led her to a remarkable woman named Dolores Cannon. Dolores’s interest in hypnosis led her on a lifelong journey of exploration through regression hypnosis. Beginning with past life regressions, her work with UFO abductees, and now quantum healing, she has published over 15 books, with more to come, of her experiences. A few years ago, she was guided to teach her unique method of hypnosis to others.
Having had numerous spontaneous memories of her own past lives, Sharon had been wanting to do this work since the early 1970’s. However, not until she came across Dolores Cannon did she feel she had found the right teacher. It turns out her method has had results far and above anything anticipated. Not only has Sharon been able to facilitate dramatic life changes and healing in others but by trading with other practitioners, she has had dramatic healings within herself of health issues and physical pain that had plagued her for over 25 years after a series of accidents. Thanks to this method, she is now seeing real improvement in herself and can be a personal testament to how powerful this technique is. Sharon has found that regardless of what their individual issues are, every client has received assistance and a greatly increased sense of confidence and peace from their sessions.

In addition to the QHHT certification Sharon received from Dolores Cannon, she has also been certified in Past Life Regression by the Hypnosis Motivational Institute, Sutphen Center, and the American School of Hypnosis.

Sharon Michelle has over 40 years experience in astrological and intuitive counseling as well as in teaching various metaphysical subjects. She has also had an intense interest in and research of hypnosis and past life regression for most of that period.

Currently, her primary focus is on assisting others through an understanding of their chosen path and in assisting them to release the blocks keeping them from their success. Focus is also placed on helping others to be more fully aligned with their path using the tools of astrology, chakra cleansing, hypnosis and past life regression.

Much of her knowledge and many of her gifts have been given to her directly by her guides. Others, such as astrology and hypnosis, have been taught her by excellent teachers and continually enhanced by further ongoing studies. Her inquiring mind, constant study and development of techniques and natural abilities keep her primed to give you the best assistance possible.